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Editing more than hoodiepatcher can

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I am hoping someone with some knowledge around here could be so kind as to help me, or at least point me in the direction of help so that I might figure out how to fix a recurring problem on my own and possibly share the result of which with others who might enjoy my fixes.


My problem is with the large overhaul mods out there. They all have their own charms and downfalls to make them all worthwhile and very enjoyable but after much trial and error I have come to the conclusion that I find Cinders to have a lot to offer for those new to the mod scene, Convergence has the most to show people who want to play dark souls but at the same time play something completely different and Champion's ashes has the most to show people (only on nexus though...because imo EKWRP trumps this) like me who, after so many years of playing, need combat to feel fresh again...


SO! My problem is this....Dark souls is easy. Cinders is Too easy... but Ashes and Convergence are toooooooo god damned hard for me to enjoy them for very long even though I really really want to. It's just simply no fun at all to get the s*** kicked out of me a million times by some random motherfucking pleb mob (or even easy bosses like vordt, for that matter) that I steamroll in vanilla.


I tried fiddling with difficulty scaling in HoodiePatcher but quite honestly, that dont do fuckall it seems. I just need to know what files to edit or get rid of to make the a**hole peasants need to catch their breath between beatings so that I can stop torturing myself by trying over and over and over and over. Please. Pretty please, Help me.

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