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Same as I posted on the X4 Forum


I SEE X4 AS A EMPIRE BUILDER, with the player rising and becoming Emperor.
And as X4 moves closer to becoming a living Universe, the need for auto systems grow.


As in real life, all leaders, have had a council of Advisors, who guide,
and help the leader control his Empire, as he can't be everywhere at once.
And after all the Leader need not be required to mop a floor, or fix a leak, Unless he wants to.


At a Point in the Game, the Player needs to Acquire a Council of Advisors,
much like the Boron, seen as a Science Adviser, they should also be Operation Supervisors.
One for each area of the Game, such as: Military, Mining, Trading, Construction, Engineering,
Personnel, Station, Fleet, Tera-forming, ect. They may also acquire and have sub-managers who
work under them.


These Advisors would have levels of skill, like all NPC's, and improve with experience and training.
They would advise the player with ALERTS, in their area of control, consisting of several choices,
allowing the player to choose which action to take when needed.

Not all choices would be the best, based on their level of current skill, but the player remains
in ultimate control of the direction he decides to take.


As the Advisors grow in skill level, the player can allow them more control, with fewer alerts to
the player needed. The level of alerts can always be set by the player, for his preferred level of
management in the game.

This would allow players to set the depth of micro management they like, not only across the entire game,
but also in the area they wish to go deeper into, while turning down the others, without losing their control.


Bottom line is, Options allowing Freedom of Choice for All the Players, to get the most Fun from a game,
should be the Ultimate Goal.



I would like a New UI panel for "Council" be added on the left side of the screen.

Where one click would take you to the Council's page.

This page would have a Global setting sub, allowing over all settings to be made.

This page would also provide a easy menu to each individual Advisors page,

where you can view both a log of past actions taken, current actions, and possible alerts for future actions.

ALSO have each Advisors Level of Authority, set and tweaked by the player.


All in All, I would like to see ALL mods incorporated into this one Panel, making it easy for all players,

new or long time, to play the game at whatever depth they choose.


I want to Thank ALL the mod creators, for their Fantastic work, and hope they will come together to make this request possible.

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