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Skyrim ini tweaking/distance visuals, any ideas?

skyrim ini file tweaking

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So I was wondering if anyone had any good sources for tweaking skyrim's ini files.

Not necessarily for performance, but for graphical improvements, such as longer draw distances or ANYTHING I can do to make land LOD and other stuff look better.

If you look from above the solitude docks towards the meadow area, you'd know why I want to do this.

To my understanding ugrids is a no-no as it causes instability...

So are there any good LOD replacers or ini tweaks I can do to make distance viewing more bearable/beautiful?



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People will come in here talking about tweeking a setting called "uGridsToLoad".


Do not listen to them. :armscrossed:  uGridsToLoad tweeking is akin to Russian Roulette.  It'll inevitably FUBAR your setup at some point, and it's a pain in the ass to remove and usually involves reverting to a pre-tweek save.


For those of you who espouse it: You stuck the proverbial gun in your mouth, spun the cylinder, and it went *click*.... this time.  Every time you start the game with a uGridsToLoad setting that is >5, you spin that cylinder.



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Try High Quality LODs or The Skyrim Distance Overhaul LOD Improvement. Be sure to read the instructions carefully on either pages.

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