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new to modding, i have an issue


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I have this error message in mod organizer (see attached photo). Do i need to redownload MO2? (if so, will i lose my mods?)

Also i have SKSE downloaded but when i open skyrim up it says i dont have SKSE downloaded. (i followed the youtube video which was pretty straight forward)


ow, we need to know if your game can actually handle what you are trying to do - so tell us a little bit about your computer.
CPU? CPU speed? Graphics card? Video RAM ( on the graphics card)  System RAM? Hard drive free space?

Is it a laptop? or have an integrated graphics board? Don't worry if you don't know what all this means, because we do. You can find most of it in the Windows 'control panel' then 'System' - and a lot more in the 'Device manager'. Don't worry if you can't find all of it - if we need more, we can tell you where to find it later.
- I have a new gaming pc, dont think thats the issue. (ryzen 7 3700x rtx 3070 8gb 32gb ddr4-3200 ram ssd etc)

Where is the game located ( Windows Path) typically C:\program files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim  But if you installed it somewhere else it will be different,
- I have it downloaded on my second ssd ( D:\steamgames\steamapps\common\skyrim SE

Game version?
- Most up to date version

Any DLCs?
- All of them

re you using NMM or any other mod manager? What version?
- mod organizer 2 most recent version 

Are you using SKSE? what version?
- yes, Current SE build 2.0.19 (runtime 1.5.97

Any other helper programs? BOSS? LOOT? Tes5Edit? Wrye Bash? anything else?

- I used LOOT to help sort the mods 

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SKSE seems to be easy to get wrong for new users as its 2 parts. Part in your game folder not data and part in your data. Since you are using MO you want a nice clean data folder yes? If so create a mod folder named SKSE and put all the parts that normally go into data in there.You leave that folder checked in all your profiles and forget about it unless you update SKSE itself. When you extract SKSE after DL there is a folder named src that you ignore as an end user that is only for mod makers

In your game folder just like ENB if you use one you need to see the following in the same place the games exe is


skse64 latest version.dll




Those 3 do not go in your data. Inside the extracted skse data folder copy and paste the folder named Scripts into the new mod folder you made named SKSE


New users sometimes forget that the SKSE needs to be added if not already to MO exe list. You launch the game with SKSE and not the game launcher. In MO dropdown for exe double check and make sure the SKSE is an option and also that it is pointing to skse64_loader.exe  Verify all that and SKSE should work normally for you


Your MO error seems pretty straightforward as well. It is showing you the path and name of file it cant find so re-install MO to get it back where it needs to be if missing. Since it mentioned anti-virus ceck to see if that file was quarantined by your AV and if so give it an exception. If the error persists after that you will need to hit up MO team for help and submit ticket


Never hurts to backup your mods and profile folders in MO before any re-install or update


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Open the drive C: or where you installed Mod Organizer and go to mod organizers location.  You will see a folder named "Mod Organizer" at the top of the list, the next folder will be named for the game you have installed, and then the next folder says, "mods".   The mods you downloaded with Mod Organizer are all stored in the folder "mods".  When you downloaded the mods using Mod Organizer it stores the unzipped mods in that folder named "mods", created a meta file, and opens the mods unzipped files in that folder with a redirect to use them in the game.


Just press and hold left mouse button on the folder named "mods" and drag and drop it and Save a Copy, into a safe folder you give a new name suggesting Saved mods for your Game's unzipped Mods.


You can uninstall MO2 then.  If you uninstall Mod Organizer and reinstall it then make it game useful again it remakes all the folders including the one named "mods".  With Mod Organizer you can use the load mod from your computer and get them right out of the new Saved mods folder, folder containing the unzipped mods by selecting the unzipped mods when asked and Mod Organizer will install the mod for you again.


You only need to select the unzipped mod to reinstall it from the old mods folder.  Leave the meta file and anything more in the old folder because Mod Organizer will recreate the meta file and anything else in the new "mods" folder it creates when you reinstall MO2.

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