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What were the Aliens trying to do on MSZ?

falllout 3 mothership zeta spoilers

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More than likely they were trying to fuse their alien and our human DNA  ... trying to make some

kind of mutation ... you know, their brains and our ability to live on the Earth as they were at a

physically disadvantage.


As weird as that sounds, that's what I got out of it.  The recordings had people screaming, pleading, etc. and then roaring as they were injected with... something... and the same roar came from the "Abominations" that walked around clearly looking alien and they seem to spend just as much time attacking aliens as they did me.  Whether or not that was their primary purpose, I doubt it.  I think they looked at us as zoo animals to be studied.




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You find out in Erebus, part of the MSZ crew mods by a related modder to that storyline, that the lone alien in captivity at Erebus told the Commander that the two ships in our solar system were filled with autocratic tyrants who escaped a coup on the alien's home planet to kill them all, and they managed to get two ships and fly away with little fuel.  They masked their escape and picked up some old television broadcasts and realized there was a ripe world for their conquest within travel distance for their meager fuel supply.  Both alien captains were the former Leader and the Vice Leader of the aliens tyrannical government.  You kill the Vice Leader/Captain and it's his ship you conquer.  Of course in the grand battle between your damaged ship and the former tyrant Leader's ship you wipe out both threats to our ravaged planet.  That means no other ships in attack distance for the foreseeable future in FO3, but would be a great beginning to the start of FO6. This is and other ideas are  discussed by me and others in the topic about New Quests for development and I wrote about potential storylines and DLCs for two new games for the FO universe.




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I hear the aliens were very keen about something called a "Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator".

I cracked up at this. That's my -favorite- alien! :D


I like to think that the aliens in MSZ started to conquer earth but in trying to find the best way to disintegrate humans they discovered something horrendous... That children cannot die! And now they're being held hostage by Sally. All of the various experiments and audio tapes are them trying to discover how to kill the little girl that they can't keep locked up that tortures them all the time. The biggest clue they've had so far is the poster of the Giddyup Buttercup with a little girl sitting on it...



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