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Lakeview Manor - As It Should Be (Bugs/Glitches)

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So I love "Lakeview Manor- as it should be" but the author has locked all comments and bug reports. I want to start this thread here to maybe help some people and get some help if I can! 


I have had bugs so far and I just found a fix for one of them. I haven't done any testing to see if it would work for different cases but maybe it will work for you.


            The bugs/glitches I've found: 


   1: Dropping mod added armor or weapons in the cellar then picking them up. After saving/loading OR traveling to a different cell and back, a copy of the equipment will be respawned in the position you                        originally placed it while the original will be in your inventory or a container that you moved it to. (also happened when a mod added weapon was placed on a weapon plaque and removed, upon reloading            the cellar a copy of the weapon was sitting on the display case under the plaque.) 


               FIXED: upon reloading the cell and seeing a copy of any item that you have previously dropped/picked up OR mounted/unmounted. follow these steps:

                          1: place the item in your crosshair so you can see the pick up prompt (do not interact with it as its current state is the "spawn state" and that's what we need to fix)

                          2: press "~" to enter the console

                          3: click on the duplicated item (the item reference code will now be displayed in the center of you screen and all commands will apply to that item code) 

                          4: type "disable" and press enter (the item should disappear from your display, the reference code may not) 

                          5: Press "~" again to exit the command console 

                          6: save and reload. 



   2: In the library there is a staff on the left side of the staff enchanter table. it would appear that it is not in the way of the character passing between the main desk and the enchanting table BUT the staffs hitbox is extended way out down the length of it and is reaching to the chair positioned in front of the desk. to get to the staff enchanter I have to go around the right side of the desk.


          NO FIX YET: attempted to use the mod "placeable statics" to move the staff somewhere it wont be a problem but PS didn't recognize it as an editable mesh. 







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So I absolutely love this house mod but I've had a problem with the upstairs, when building the house it doesn't let me put the roof on until I build the 2nd floor supports, but the supports get in the way of entering the bathroom under the stairs, and it adds the vanilla stairs and balcony, so in order for me to get to the library and other stuff upstairs I have to jump over the vanilla railing, and it makes other parts of the upstairs completely shut off, so if anyone could help me find a fix that'd be amazing, thanks!

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