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Patch Request for the "Fallout 4 Blazkowicz" and "Maxwell's World"

blazkowiczmaxwell radio frequency conflict

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Hello. In my last FO4 playthrough I had both these quest mods installed:



I soon noticed that I could not get the quest for Blazkowicz from the radio.

I learned that these 2 mods use the exact same radio frequency, and as such, conflict with one another:


I followed the suggestion for fixing/bypassing this issue, plus others: 


I also attempted to change the radio frequency with xEdit and a script I found:


None of these approaches worked for me. The latter, no doubt, because I do not know enough to use xEdit effectively.


Ultimately, this is how I was able to get these to mods to coexist.


  1. Disable Fallout 4 Blazkowicz in your Mod Manager.
  2. Create or load your save and listen to "Gale’s Distress Signal" to get the Maxwell’s World quest.
  3. Save and close your game.
  4. Enable Fallout 4 Blazkowicz in your Mod Manager and start your game.
  5. “Listen to the Distress Signal” to get the Fallout 4 Blazkowicz quest.


This method may not work for everyone. Based on your mod load out, you may need to swap mods to disable or perhaps use some of the steps listed in the site references linked above.

But ideally, for these mods to coexist and work correctly out of the gate, a patch is required.


Respectfully requesting such a patch.


Thank you for your time.


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