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I am lost as to what gameplay/skill overhaul to pick :/

skyre perma requiem ordinator overhaul help

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So I have recently bought Skyrim SE and I haven't modded the game since LE in like 2015. I was too busy playing Dark Souls and modding Oblivion instead, which is why I have so far avoided the use of MO2 - take that into account and tell me if I do absolutely need to use it for things to work or not.


I would just like to ask, which of the big gameplay overhauls is worth installing? I have been messing-around with installing PerMa, but couldn't find a readme anywhere on how the hell to install it. At least I got Synthesis to work, but for now it is pointless.


I had originally wanted to use SkyRE, but I have heard Perma is better; I am however offput by missing perk desriptions and overcomplexity.

Ordinator, on the other hand, seems a little too simple and you have to download many other mods for it to be a complete overhaul, however; it avoids stupid patchers I am not used to. I have installed FCOM many times over with 300+ mods, if that helps.


I am looking for what Misery is to Stalker: Call of Pripyat, you know? A mod, that makes the game harder, more complex, but not unnecessairly and aritificially hard by making fights ridiculous, perks unreadable and not obvious what they do. Because that is annoying.

I just want the gameplay more varied and fun, while keeping the vanilla feel partially, making it more complex.


I am deciding between;



Ordinator + various other mods by Enai to fill it up

Requiem maybe?


Also, this is my loadorder. I have not properly tried the game out yet by playing it, but there are no crashes and MCM has all of them loaded in and I have followed most of the instructions for every mod, except cleaning with xEdit, and LOD generation, which I plan to do once I am sure I won't be installing more bigger mods.


Any tips on which to use? I can learn how to use the Synthesis patchers, but I need a proper readme.



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Requiem is probably the closest analogue to Misery, however Requiem was developed for LE so getting it to work with SE requires some additional work.  There's a few guides on how to do this - I think one is on LoversLab.


Requiem is an impressively comprehensive overhaul which will reduce the requirement to find other mods to improve the various aspects of the game but may conflict with those mods you do want to use.


And there won't be as many compatibility patches around for Requiem SE as there is for LE.


Ultimate Skyrim (website and Discord) might be useful if you need more information re Requiem.


Another alternative is Vokriinator Black which is a 'mutation' of Ordinator.

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Sad, that Requiem has no official SE port. I may have to skip that, since it is so incompatible; I would honestly prefer to go through PerMa's patching process, rather than trying to figure-out which mods work and don't work with Requiem, because that can take a full week, if I put 2 hours a day into modding.


I can install FCOM in an hour with 200 other mods, but Oblivion isn't a game split into two with the community being less than a half of Skyrim's. 

I am basically looking for a more-balanced and compatible FCOM.

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