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Request - Agnostic "Minutemen" Radio Operator and Artillery

quest faction artillery

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After having a play around with the minutemen quest "old guns" I managed to get the computer that accesses the armoury to be set to master hacking level and gained access to the armoury, thought 'great, now I can get the artillery'. However, the issue is that the artillery is useless unless you complete the quest with Ronnie and also have the Radio Operator at his radio. So I looked at the quest for retaking independence and old guns to see if there were any flags like the vertibird flying one that can be activated in the background without completing the quests. I did not want to have to deal with preston at all to get artillery.


Lore thinking


Brotherhood - As presence in the commonwealth increases due to the Knight (lone survivor) bringing more settlements under the protection of the BoS a more suitable long distance and permanent radio connection is required as the Prydwen can't be at Boston airport forever if the BoS needs to wage war elsewhere on the Eastern seaboard. Historical documents have suggested the existence of artillery and the possibility of laser artillery at Fort Independence. 


Railroad - Part of anti institute operations requires the use of a long range radio tower to jam courser teleportation signals as part of a clandestine project called "Gatekeeper" the radio is installed and it is discovered that artillery support is now possible for railroad agents to use from friendly settlements.


Institute - As new forces enter the commonwealth, the institute needs to secure and hold any possible advantage that could be used against them. With the BoS turning up in the Prydwen not exactly a surprise but still a concern none-the-less, then it is even more imperative that the Institute secures it's synth teleportation network from interference and to do this requires a large transmitter to do it. With Father and their parent working together for the betterment of mankind, more settlements have realised the benefit of synths and support the institute. 




Wastelander - Huh, that's a cool fort, guess I'll clear the mirelurks out and have a look in the old tunnels, ooooooooo.... a terminal if i can hack it then i can see what's in this leg of the tunnels. YES! unlocked the security gate, ugh dead body, cool armour though.... yoink..... time to see where this door leads. What are these plans fo....... OMG motherfucking ARTILLERY!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!


Lore thinking over


So I know the change of the console from inaccessible to master level hack is simple and works fine, its the whole changes needed to "old guns" and "retaking independence" that would be needed to stop them firing and to run the alternative quest for the chosen faction (wouldn't need two quests just run under one? unless completely necessary). I don't think new NPCs would be needed, just swap the faction sepcific ones in......





Preston ---> Danse

Ronnie  ---> Scribe Haylen

Radio Operator ---> Random Knight




Preston ---> Deacon

Ronnie ---> Tinker Tom

Radio Operator ---> Freed Synth




Preston ---> X6-88

Ronnie ---> Doctor Amari

Radio Operator ---> Gen 2 Synth




Preston ---> Gage

Ronnie ---> Lizzie Wyath (or might be easier to have a generic raider due to 3 possibilities)

Radio Operator ---> Captured Radio Operator




Preston ---> Holotape found in Jamaica Plains

Ronnie ---> Part of the quest to just "test" it out

Radio Operator ---> Suitably assigned settler




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I know you don't want Preston around, but he seems to be the only way to trigger Old Guns. As a work around you might use him and  Ronnie long enough to get artillery access, then ship Preston and maybe Ronnie Shaw to some settlement you never use, and leave them there. Not what you asked for, but better than waiting for a mod that might never get made.




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Yeah, was thinking that to be honest. I have dabbled in making mods but the extent of my knowledge is mainly limited to patching mods together like Whispering Hills and Grim but nothing to do with quests especially something as convoluted as those two quests, unless...... maybe duplicate the quest and change the aliases in CK? hmmmm I wonder.... thanks for the help though.

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