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Instant Death

enb death instant bugged

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Hey people! (Excuse me if I'm in the wrong section - please move it ^^)

I normally don't post on a forum if I run into a problem - google always seems to find my answers - although I can't seem to find a solution for what I'm experiencing right now ingame.

I normally change ENB's manually without too much problems (some tweaking). Although today, I gave Sharpshooters ENB a try since it stutters less then K ENB Extensive. Got it running - loaded ingame on my character and the problem is as follows:

- As soon as I ''load/spawn'' with my character (in any city, since I got multible saves) I instantly drop health till the point that I'm dead. This usually happends within 2 seconds - and then it goes back to the last save. '"TGM'' and ''ShowRaceMenu'' both fail to work. This proces keeps repeating itself - untill I ofcourse start a new game.

As soon as I noticed the problem I undid the changes that Sharpshooters ENB did (manually) and changed is back to K ENB Extensive. To problem keeps persisting. 

(With the installation of Sharshooters ENB I also installed ''Climates of..'' and ''Realistic Lightning''.

Any suggestions how to possible fix this persisting problem?

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Not from ENB... ENBs don't interact with the game on that level (it interacts with DirectX)... try and load an older save? Maybe you have been poisoned just before you saved? Dunno.




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Necroing this, as i have the same issue. Ive went through and uninstalled a lot of mods that have scripts, tried it with a new start, save game after i leave alternate start, (any location), exit, reload, load in, and die in two seconds from health drain. I have no idea what it is.

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