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Civil War Alternate Ending(s) East and West Skyrim

civil war

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So, as I Understand the canon, while it is a RPG and we want our characters to have different endings (like leading each guild/group and being Dragonborn simultaneously) where canonically each group is its own separate person.

That leaves the Civil War. Bethesda will have to choose who wins or how it ends eventually. With there being fans who prefer either side, they canât just pick one. So I theorize there will be some fighting, holds will get taken, and an eventual peace council will take place, not just postponing the war, but ending it.

Basically, I want a mod where we can choose one side or the other, capture certain holds for one side or the other but not one clear victor. Then you can eventually decide to have an actual peace council, perhaps similar to the optional main quest, but itâs permanent. The armies disarm, the camps either get abandoned, or maybe have Stormcloaks and Imperials mingle and talk.

This would be the reforming of East and West Skyrim.

As a reward for making peace, you get permission for property in Solitude and Windhelm.

Also there are simply some Jarls I prefer to have in place over others, so if this is too big a task, thereâs always just one where I can choose which Jarl gets put in place, regardless of the wars outcome, like the Imperials win, Laila Law-Giver remains instead of Maven being the Jarl as I feel it isnât fitting for her character.

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