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Can't interact with custom animal follower

animal follower custom mod beginner

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Hello, I'm pretty new to the moding scene and I simply wanted to make a custom Uderfrykte follower that I can eventually put into SE and PS4.
I followed this tutorial:  to a T.
Got it all in game and when I press E to interact. Nothing happens. I can't interact with it at all, no dialogue box appears. The only thing I can do is attack it and it attacks back.

I setup the relationship that I have seen in other tutorials and still nothing. I'm not sure what it is I'm doing wrong and I have searched all over the place for an answer and so far nothing.

These are things that I have tried:
-Changed voice type
-Different animal (A Cow just like the video)
-Placing in different locations (Riverwood and Anise's cabin exterior)
-Uninstalled and reinstalled the game(s)
-Disabled all mods
-Started a new game with no followers
-Looked at other tutorials

I had no problem making an Orc follower though and they work fine. I'm just not understanding why animals are an issue.

These are the scripts I've used as well: https://www.nexusmod...yrim/mods/88127

On another note, I'm using the most recent version of CK, the .esp file is saved in the data folder of SE however won't appear in SE but appears in regular Skyrim. Not sure if it's related to this or a different issue entirely but my main goal here was to use it in SE to import to PS4.

I'm hoping someone can help me. I'd like to learn how to make followers on my own and so far the process has been extremely frustrating. 

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