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Which mod made my stainless steel darker?

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About a year ago, I installed several mods at once.  One of them had a darker stainless steel option--can't remember if it was FOMOD, or just a specific file to download.  I went with the darker stainless, thinking I could always change back later if I didn't like it. 


Well, I DIDN'T like it, but when I went back a few weeks later to remove whatever-it-was, I could no longer remember which one it was.  I tried disabling a few of the ones that seemed like they were from around the right time, but no such luck.  I even spent hours sorting through all the texture files, trying to find something that might be doing it. I have a total of 520 installed mods--love me some esl flags--so it's small wonder that I couldn't find it.


Some examples of things that are affected are the stainless steel cafe counters (the part stainless/part white ones aren't affected), Realistic Bar Items*, and the Vault 88 experimental soda fountain.


Some examples of things that AREN'T affected are vault furniture like tables/nightstands, coffee machines, bathroom fixtures, and kitchen cabinets/fridges/stoves.


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Anybody know what mod did this so I can remove it, or at least install the version that doesn't stain my stainless? 


Failing that, anyone know where the texture(s) for stainless steel cafe counters/appliances/etc live?  It seems likely that one .dds file is being used for multiple items, which would explain why my search attempts have failed: I'm looking for the wrong keyword(s). 


* I was convinced at first that RBI was the culprit because their description shows both a light & dark cooler set, but disabling it doesn't seem to do the trick.


(And to the mod author, the reason I don't like it is because it doesn't uniformly darken the various bits of stainless, and because it's a too dark, period.  Whatever the mod was, I clearly must have liked it otherwise, since I've evidently still got it installed!)

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