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WHat Constitutes "Piracy"?

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Again, DRM is not meant to prevent piracy entirely.  It's meant to convince "enough" people to buy the game.  There comes a time where you are putting more money into DRM then it is saving you in lost income.


And different companies have different limits.  Bethesda goes pretty light.  Others want to install software that needs to validate your game every single time you start it.  Others go really nuts.  It's always been that way.



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 The only thing DRM does is inconvenience the legitimate buyers, be it always-online, Denuvo or other such tech. Pirate users will bypass said roadblocks by using the cracked copy that doesn't contain all the anti-tamper legitimate users meet. The claims that piracy is some major issue was always bull, and it's only a ploy used by higher execs to push their ability to control the products we acquire. Steam proved quite sufficiently that piracy is mainly a service and accessibility issue - offer your customers easy ways to acquire and maintain a game library and they will gladly pay for the convenience the service offers.

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