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Live Another Life

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Well I have 2 WIP now instead of 1. I must focus at my own WIP. I might look at it. I did stop up for some time to think it over. I must see my own limits and right now it is to focus at the editings I did plan to do today for 2 hours now. i start the obliviom game not later than 23:00 and it is 21:00 right now. 


Leave the file available anyway. I might open it another day so we can get somewhere with this project.


Morrowind and Oblivion, as I mentioned earlier has more in common than Skyrim, so maybe that is what it is doing, adding the cells to the door at the ship or something? Or use set up cells in the Main Quest script or started script. Bethesda did some cool stuff. Even TES 2 has alternative start in an Daggerfall Unity mod if I recall right. That first quest is a pain in the butt...   I do know now how to get out fast. I did it 2 years ago or similar. Daggerfall is NOT modded like TES 3-5 but still it is a damn cool and fun game modded. Try it  :D  It is free.


My new experience with Daggerfall is that it is easiest to play as a mage, very hard as an archer. very hard to start as melee fighter. Learn melee later. Kite as a mage. Back of the enemies. Learn new stuff later at the guilds. The enemies are not Level Offset. They are static levels, so hard at start, easier later. All info about them is on UESP Instead of live another Life, live another game...  :wink:  When you get to powerful, it will get a bit boring. All quests are repeatable...  :wink:  All except main quest.


When we start Morrowind. it is a single quest that starts, the quest that teaches the player how to move, getting him into the office. The main quest starts inside the office when the player gets the scroll.


In Oblivion, we still have all DLC starting inside Sewer 3. We must solve how to start them at a later point. It is not about moving the player here and there even if that it its own problem with all cell names.


Daggerfall today and 1996 - TES 2

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