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Changing the hairstyle of a modded NPC makes them get blackface

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I know this sounds like a classical blackface bug, but to my knowledge, this shouldn't happen.
I have a lot of mods in my modlist (250), but I only want to change an NPCs hair from Helgen Reborn (HR) with one from KS Hairdos (wigs, HDT, or just classic). Problem is, no matter what I do, I get a blackface bug on said NPC [1]. Using "SetNPCWeight 100" fixes it [2], but that only works temporarily as any reload, area change or restart brings back the blackface
What I did is I loaded SSEdit, created a new plugin with **only** the NPC in question from Helgen Reborn (meaning the only two plugins that modify the NPC are HR and my plugin.) 
SSEdit doesn't allow me to set .esp files as masters, so I loaded ZEdit and proceeded to add all the hair mods as masters to my file (no changes to HR). Then I went back to SSEdit and promptly changed the NPCs hair in my plugin. 
One odd thing I noticed is that when I do change the hair, instead of keeping it in the same line as the hair from HR, it just adds a new line with the modded hair in it, and the default hair area is just blank [3]. My plugin is loaded dead last in my load order, and the only thing it does is change the hair of the NPC, but every time I load up the game, I get a blackface on that NPC. 
I don't know what to do from here as the load order is properly setup, the only changes my plugin does to the NPC is the hair, and all the hair mods as well as HR are masters of my plugin.
I did read about redoing the facegen files with Ctrl+F4 on Creation Kit, but afaik you need to convert your plugins to a readable mod format for CK, make the changes, and convert it back, which is quite a lot of work, especially considering I'm not really well versed in CK.
I'll provide some screenshots of what I made later. I'd also like to note that I have made backups every single time I made changes to a plugin, so I can always rollback if need be and nothing will be lost. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.
[1] [Blackface with the modified Hair]
[2] [Fixed Blackface with "SetNPCWeight" command]
[3] [SSEdit Hair modification blocks]
EDIT: I looked around for how to regenerate facegen files with CK, and honestly I'm bummed out. I get a crapton of errors [4] [5] [6] when loading my patch and their masters (I modified the .ini accordingly to support loading multiple master files and such [7] [8]) along with a list of error warnings [9], and whenever I try to save anything, I get another set of errors [10] [11] and nothing gets saved. I also can't find anything on how to regen the facegen files, pressing Ctrl+F4 does nothing, so I'm out of ideas.
[4] [Error 1 on Load]
[5] [Error 2 on Load]
[6] [Error 3 on Load]
[7] [Facegen settings]
[8][Master File settings]
[9] [Final Error Warning list from CK] 


[10] [Error 1 on Save]
[11] [Error 2 on Save]



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You are using Special Edition. Thus you can install SSE CreationKit Fixes.  With this you will be able to load and edit plugins that have non-esm master files without having to convert them as was necessary with LE Creation Kit.


As far as errors when starting up the Creation Kit, that is normal and happens for everyone.  Even the base game and DLC will prompt errors when they are the only thing being loaded.  Just click "yes to all" to get through it.


As far as the errors when saving, the Creation Kit needs access to all the asset files whereas SSEEdit does not.  The easiest solution would be to temporarily add the BSA files for the plugin's parent masters to the resource archive list in the INI file.  That said, if you've added the hair via SSEEdit, you only need to load the plugin in the Creation Kit and export the face gen data.  You should not need to re-save the plugin.  But, I will be honest and state that I have not created any NPCs with the SSE Creation Kit and thus could have some details incorrect.

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