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Something worth playing as Vault tech

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Hello :) 


Let me be specific  :P  


Would love to make a run as Vault tech . Meaning , to dress like them ( it's covered ) build like them ( Covered ) . But that's it  . 

There is nothing to help on the field ( Vault Tech companions , Vault tech grenades of any kind ( reinforcements  like the synth grenades , or helitaxi  like the brotherhood , or a flair , to summon over time a bunch of vault tech guards and a couple of bots to help ) 


Got some mods to "upgrade " visuals on Automatron bots ( paints ) , but NO vault tech . Can't do a Vault tech dog armor either . 


I saw 2 conqueror mod for vault dweller and frost ? dweller for the sim settlements Conqueror mod . But they are incomplete and/or Abbandoned . 



If anyone has some ideas , i would be happy to discuss it . 


I don't kno how it works(politicy ) around here , but if i am requesting a mo , it's becase i am willing to pay for it , of  course  :)  




Have  nice day/night  ! 



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