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Help with mod load order and fps drops

help load order vortex

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Hi! I ask for help...

Some times ago i was obliged for various reasons to uninstall fallout 4 and my mods.

Now i'm back to it again, i use vortex and quite a lot of mods but it was running perfectly before ( unless in urban areas but that's a known issue )

It runs quite great but i have som fps drops now, moreover sometimes when i'm building my settlements, my fps drops to 30/40 fps constant for no reason while in the building menu, and whatever i do, i'm obliged to restart my game for it to run perfectly again at 60 fps!

Any help/ advices? Load order is horrible to manage in vortex... i used the auto sorting

I use the ifpsclamp=58 trick and disabled Vsync.

Gtx 1070, i7 6700k, 16gb ram, installed on ssd

Load order : in vortex

* fallout 4 esm, dlc and creation club content*
Unofficial fallout 4 patch
Glock 86 ( weapon )
True storms
Decal stain remover delux
Sprint stutter remover
Faraway reform area
More uniques weapons
A bundle of tapes ( weapons mod)
Cvc dead wasteland
CROSS Mojave hunter ( clothes mod
Wattz laser weapond
Bull up bozar

All cvc wasteland dlc mod

See trought scopes (3dscopes.esp and its patches)
Children of goodneighboor ( from orphanz of the commonwealth

Woody wasteland stuff
Ncr raven armor
Wasteland sniper oufit
Reverb and ambiance overhaul
Quieter settlements
The four horsmen masks
Yk42b rifle
Hunting shotgun
Diamond city door auto close
CROSS breakaction laser
Cross ruger
Animated canopies
Craftable animation markers
Swinging meat bags
Vivid Fallout ALL IN ONE
Minutemen propaganda
Female tactical armor
Functional displays
Windows boards
Extended weapons mods
Better generators
Basement livings
Balcony supports
Power armor quick animations
Settlement Menu Manager
Craftables lanterns
Skidaba weapon pack REDUX
Grease gun
Longer power lines
Truestorms fo4 far harbor
Truestorms fo4 nuka world
Darker nights
Lore friendly posters
Better cooking stations
Reverb and ambience overhaul true storm patch
Securitron for automatron
Classic super sledge
True storms earlier sunsets/extra rads esp

Immersive vendors
New brahmin feeder
Amorsmith extended
Eli armour compendium
Tactical flashlight
+its settings esp
Azar ponytail
Scrap everything ultimate edition
Better settlers
Orphans of the commonwealth
Better settlers ESPs
Pip boy flashlight
We are the minutemen

Thank you!



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Check out the following with respect to creating a load order in Vortex




Also check this out:




It is a tedious process creating all the new categories and assigning them to each mod (as well as any new mod you add) but this process really helps establish a decent load order.  After doing this (took about 3 hours as I have a lot of mods) the game ran smoothly and actually some previous categories that were missing from my build menus were there again!


Spend the time and you will reap the rewards. 


As for FPS, if you are deleting items via console or a scrapping mod, you will have problems with performance.  If you are overbuilding in your settlements, you will have problems unless you have God's supercomputer  (which you do not.)


Check out High FPS Fix https://www.nexusmod...mment=100651208


That may help. 


Good luck. 

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