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Changing Necro summon mage spells

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Ok, I can't figure this out.  I've modified missiles.txt to chande ice bolt to glacial spike, fire bolt to fire ball, and charged bolt to chain lightning in an effort to make cooler skeletal mages.  I modified Necromage2, 3, and 4.  I left Necromage1 alone.  I made sure the CelFile name matched the same cell for the relevant ability, I made sure AnimLen and AnimSpeed were matched, and I also matched up TravelSound and HitSound.  I left Monstats.txt alone, as it will still be using Necromagemissile, which I also left alone.


For testing purposes, I started a new Necro, got high enough to summon mages, and after expensive testing, they are still just casting their default spells.  What am I doing wrong?




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The file "missiles.json" contains the following lines:
"necromage_1": "poison_nova", "necromage_2": "icebolt", "necromage_3": "firebolt", "necromage_4": "charged_bolt".
That is, they are the ones who send the line from missiles.txt to a specific file.
Try replacing references to your new skills.
The syntax, I think, is clear:
If in missiles.txt the file is designated as FrozenOrb (CellFile), then in missiles.json the link to it will be registered as frozen_orb

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