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Pimp. Kamea's. Ride.

kamea arano mechwarrior stupid game shes not retarded pimp her ride!

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How to put this? Kamea Arano is one of Raju's students. She's not stupid. She has a good grasp of Mech warfare and Mech requirements, as well as of your company.


The game's insulting to her character as it portrays her and to the player for the later missions you control her.


I do not refer to Weldry of the second phase of Artru. I refer to the first phase of Artru and (especially) FREAKING GULDRA.


For the first phase of Artru, you hook up with Kamea, likely well before actually hitting Directorate space. Why wouldn't she let Yang pimp her ride?


Look, it's no secret that the things we do to make customizing your mechs more viable leaves Kamea in the dust. She'd like some of that, too!


Don't even start with me on Guldra. She doesn't even take her ancestral/default Mech, for the love of--AN ATLAS?!? In a goddamned rescue run calling for speed. No.




It's just not sensible. Kamea Arano is not retarded! Locking her character in? Fine. You should be able to assign her one of your nice FAST mechs, even a scouting Light mech!


She's not retarded! PIMP. KAMEA'S RIDE.


Yes, I'm about to suffer through Guldra again.  Like there was any doubt?

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