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vortex loose file mystery

vortex plugins delete cant find black face conflicts character npcs serana bijin

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I have spent days on this and I'm getting to end of my options here, short of quitting gamming all together, Hopefully I can get a reply soon, it would mean very much.


  I am getting a consistent ghost file that keeps popping up after installing a mod called "Pandorable Serana" or PAN_Serana.esp in the plugins tab, The ghost file is called "Bijin AIO Legendary Plus Serana and Velerica" (which is Hidden by the author now) I have been unable to locate this file that keeps plaguing Vortex, It always shows up in the plugins tab. This ghost file is wrecking Serana's Appearance, she then ends up with a black face and vanilla, I started out with black face bug fix, (didn't work) then I tried another variation of the black face fix, it worked so then Serana has no black face anymore but any mod I use to try and edit Serana's Appearance is ignored, No other mod will ever work, if I remove the black face fix, she ends up as vanilla black face, unless I remove PAN_Serana.esp, but then obviously she is vanilla again. So, My next step was to try and uninstall Skyrim SE and reinstall, I deleted all the files in My Documents (save and .ini files) and in steam\steamapps\common\skyrimse, I also deleted the vortex files in D:\Vortex mods\skyrimse, I then uninstalled Skyrim its self from steam and made sure I had a clean install, and I did, I even had to reinstall SKSE64 in the root directory in D:\steam\steamapps\common\skyrimse\data. I had deleted all the mods in vortex so there was nothing there, I downloaded Pandorable Serana and installed it as the first mod to see if it had changed, and it did not, there it was in my plugins tab and when you hover over the dependencies Icon it says "loads after Bijin AIO Legendary Plus Serana and Velerica", Attached File  Screenshot (2).png   42.89KB   15 downloads Attached File  Screenshot (3).png   79.34KB   7 downloads Attached File  Screenshot (5).png   78.14KB   4 downloads  Attached File  Screenshot (4).png   24.35KB   15 downloads mind you, this is the ONLY mod in vortex, This is what was causing Serana's black face, and it was still there (Facepalm) I then proceed to uninstall both Vortex AND Skyrim SE, thinking there was something in vortex that's being keep internal, Kind of like scripting, For example do X when Y is installed. I uninstall vortex and skyrim and delete all sub folders left behind like the ones left by skyrim, even the ones in C:\documents\Black Tree Gamming, Everything was deleted. I guess you know where I'm going with this long winded comment, lets just say after reinstalling both vortex and skyrim, the same ghost file pops up. But, That's not the end, I delete vortex and subfolder, skyrim and subfolders, and even uninstall creation kit (BTW, I had tried the ctrl-F4 in CK before deleting it, all it did was put Serana back to vanilla, but like I said, I can't install any mod that edits Serana's appearance, or I get black face and if I install the black face fix, she is back to vanilla again but all mods that edit Serana is ignored. OK, so now I'm completely at my wits end, I have no Idea what happened after uninstalling Bijin for Pandorable Serana, but even if it left files behind surely it would be ok after uninstalling and reinstalling a clean file, right? Wrong..  So. is there any help for this perplexing dilemma? everything I have tried still ends up with that stupid Bijin file. and obviously its not a problem with Pandorable Serana or Bijin so even with all the uninstalls and reinstalls that file or whatever it is, is still there. I hope someone has a solution for this, Or maybe I'm just an idiot, I have been modding for awhile and this is the first time I have ever encountered this persistent problem, I have used Creation Kit SSEEdit, uninstalling, reinstalling, everything I can think of, I was thinking it was a vortex error but, that just doesn't make sense, vortex doesn't keep extra files after their deleted, which is where I'm confused, Every source I can think of where this file could reside I have deleted, excluding vortex and skyrim of course, so where is it coming from. Please help me find the problem.







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I am having the very same issue, did you find a solution??  Thanks...G



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This post is almost a year old. Please make your own topic describing the issue rather than necroing someone else's. Thanks. 

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