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Fullscreen blue tint that builds and goes away repeatedly. Please help!

skyrimse graphics card nvidia lighting

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I'm having a bit of trouble diagnosing an issue. I'm pretty new to modding but I'll try and provide all the relevant information I can. I use Vortex Mod Manager, I know all you MO2 die-hards might slap my wrist but it's what I learned first and its treated me well so far so sorry if that makes things more difficult.

My issue is as the title says, after installing Vivid Weathers in addition to ELFX and Dynamic Volumetric Lighting and Sun Shadows I noticed a "subtle" fullscreen blue tint that would build in intensity over a few seconds and then disappear, only to start again immediately. When navigating the dark halls of caves and dungeons its very noticeable and very annoying. I started turning off each mod one by one to see if any of them were causing the problem. This didn't fix it, with each mod I removed the effect became more subtle and hard to see due to vanilla's very bright/monotonous lighting (Im thinking its why I didn't notice it before) but going up to the darkest part of a wall I could see that the blue tint was still building and disappearing just like before. I have a fair few mods installed but only the ones I listed effect the lighting in my game.

I'd recently done some experimenting with ENBs and ditched them all because I couldn't get a handle on the presets and it chunked my fps quite a bit. I thought maybe some residual settings in the .ini files might be the culprit so after uninstalling all ENB presets and ENB related mods in my manager I removed all enb folders and .ini files from my game folder. This also didn't solve the issue.

I even tried a shot in the dark fix I found online that worked for some of using the ethereal form shout however their issue seems to have been a different kind of blue tint because it didn't solve my problem at all.

I've been searching online for someone with a similar problem or an answer I can try for hours and I've come up with nothing. I've seen things that suggest the issue might be Skyrim not communicating right with my graphics card or something similar but I have no idea where to begin or how to proceed. I sure hope there's someone out there who knows how to help me. I'll be grateful for any guidance.

**EDIT** I tried some more stuff after doing some research and I made sure that Skyrim SE is using the correct NVIDIA graphics card, much to my disappointment this also didn't fix the issue. I've also added the spell Night Eye to my character and used that to try and reset it in case the effect somehow bugged out when I ate a wolf eye or something and still nothing. I'm really at a loss here.

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