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Reachmen Immersive Armory: chainmail & Celtic style tartans under vanilla armor & metal weapons w/bone, compatibility w/ Rustic Forsworn

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The more I look into the lore of Elder Scrolls, the more you see the real world inspiration for the various factions in each game. I thought it was pretty cool to include a Breton-esque group of tribals on the border of Skyrim with High Rock.  The game gives them many Celtic inspired features like their names and war paint.

But the idea of people having a successful rebellion in what is essentially fur bikinis with bits of bone, wood, feathers, horns, and grass holding them together is odd, when their opponents have everything from leather studded to full blown full steel plate armor.  Don't get me wrong, I like the "look" because you can see it and immediately identify it with the culture of the Reach.  Which is why I think those elements have a place in the armor and weapons.  But not alone.  Technologically, it's stone age stuff being used against enemies using a range of weapons and armor from the Iron Age to the Renaissance.  The "look" should be preserved and added atop armor and weapons that are on par with their enemies.

The historical Celts had long swords, bows, slings, spears, chain mail and breast plates that the Roman Empire and others would adopt, metal helmets, scale armor on linen often sewn into the mail, and the cloth with tartan-like features dating back to the Bronze Age that would eventually become the Scottish tartan (and similar cloth throughout other parts of the Celtic world).

I think the fur armor and bone/wood weapons are cool, don't get me wrong.  Just not very realistic in a fight against people in armor that's more from the pre-gunpowder age of full steel plate armor, like the Nords and Imperials.

So, I'm asking if any artistic modders out there are able to make a new armory for the Reach factions.  Chain mail with breastplates, scale mail over the chain, fur vanilla armor integrated into the new armor, iron, steel and other weapons with bone ornamentation/decoration just like the armor.


I currently have RUSTIC FORSWORN (https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/18170) which is cool.  Still breaks immersion to see these people covered in fur loin cloths putting up an effective fight against Imperials in full plate.

I saw another mod called Scottish Celtic Reachmen (https://www.nexusmod...1843?tab=images) which seemed like a great idea, but, again, lacked the fur, bones, feathers, horns, and grass that makes the Reachmen stand out, and the chain mail, scale mail, helmets, shields and swords that would make more sense, technologically.

Does this make sense?  Am I the only one whose immersion is broken?

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