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Failure to fully complete my deletion request

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When I learned of the changes regarding mod deletions, I submitted a request to have all of my uploads deleted on August 3rd, which I confirmed the next day. However, it later came to my attention that not all of my uploads were deleted, in particular, a pair of uploads I'd sent to the Caretaker went untouched.


The mods in question were unofficial ports of Enai Siaion's "More Apocalypse - An Extension for Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim" and "Wintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim", which had been abandoned by Enai, and which I felt some people might still be interested in, but I later sent them to the Caretaker after finding out some things about Enai that I won't elaborate on here, but nevertheless, made me not want to be associated with him anymore. Then the whole archive thing happened, and I had my uploads deleted, but these two were missed.


When I submitted that request to have all of my uploads deleted, I meant ALL of them, including these two. Yes, I know that they aren't my mods, technically, but I am the one who uploaded these specific versions of them, so they fall under my original deletion request, so I demand that you finish honoring my original request, and delete these two uploads. If Enai wants them back up, it will have to be fresh ports by somebody else.



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Hi Skylover,
While I don't appreciate your accusatory tone, I will happily respond to your query.
We only deleted files belonging to the account of the user requesting deletion and any files they had created that they specifically told us about that were not attached to their account (i.e. because they were transferred to the Care Taker account at the user's prior request). It should be noted that at no point did you bring these files to our attention, even after you manually removed the page on 09 August 2021, which was after the deadline and therefore the files would have been archived. 
I was contacted recently by an author who - with the full blessing of Enai Siaion (the actual creator of the mod you ported) - wanted to share a Skyrim SE compatible version of his More Apocalypse mod with the community. As a mod page already existed for such a file, I decided that it would be best to re-use the original mod page rather than create an entirely new one. After all, the page already has a bunch of metadata that will remain relevant to this newly ported version of the same mod. I should point out that at no point have we ever allowed users to claim ownership over the metadata of mod pages, including but not limited to the URL/ID, title, statistics (downloads/endorsements/etc) or comments.
You'll be pleased to know your "port" of Enai Siaion's original work was fully deleted from the site before the page was transferred to the new owner. Your mod has been deleted and your wishes have been respected. The same has also been done for the Wintermyst page.
To be honest, I'm quite puzzled as to why this is so upsetting for you. Both of these mods were created by a different user and from what I can tell you just resaved/repackaged them rather than making any substantial changes.
Nevertheless, if you'd like to discuss this further, my PM inbox is always open.

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