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Does anybody know what mod is causing this strange Pirate Sora glitch?

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So this is really bothering me and I can't figure out what is causing it. I have NO mods that affect Pirate Sora in any way, as far as I know. Sora's hair bangs and the lower part of his shirt are glitched but ONLY when he is standing perfectly idle. ANY movement, or idle animations such as him putting his arms up or the keyblade behind his head cause him to look normal again, but only standing perfectly still causes this glitch. It is tolerable, but still annoying seeing his bangs constantly popping in and out of existence. I don't think it looks like this in any cutscenes so it's not TOO immersion breaking if you don't pay much attention to his face while standing still. I hope that someone can figure this out if anyone else out there also experiences this.


UPDATE: After further "testing" I realized this is happening in all worlds, not just The Caribbean, I never noticed it before because it's not as bad in other worlds, it's only MOST noticeable in The Caribbean. In every world, whenever Sora is standing perfectly still, with no input from the player, his hair will glitch to look slightly different, and not only that I've noticed that it also disables Sora's ability to have 1 foot higher than the other when standing on a sloped surface, if that makes sense. If you're standing on a diagonal surface, Sora will usually bend his knees and feet to logically align with the sloped surface, but this bug breaks that causing 1 of his legs to be floating in the air, acting like he's standing on a flat surface. I don't wanna upload another screenshot but that explanation should make enough sense. Hopefully I can figure out what's causing this eventually but I wanted to post this just in case anyone else out there is experiencing or has already experienced this and may know what it is.

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