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cranberry model replacer

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Hello everyone,


for some time i do try to replace the models of cranberries with something different, something large. With that you sgould be able to see the berries from afar.


What i did is:

1. i went to *meshes\landscape\plants\ingredients and replaced the cranberry01.nif with the model of a watchtower.

2. in *meshes\landscape\plants\switchnodechildren i replaced the floracranberry01_1.nif and other *.nifs with the model of the same watchtower i mentioned in 1.

3. in *meshes\landscape\plants i replacet the floracranberry01.nif with the watchtower i mentioned already.


i created my own *.ba2-Archive, added them in my Custom.ini, yet it doesn't work.


i downloaded other model-replacement mods to look how other people did it; seems like my way is right, yet nothing works.

Did i forget something?


Thanks in advance everyone




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i looking for this too!

also i dont know what i am talking about but... what if the model you pick is not meant for plant?

how about changing it to a box? tall box like the new ... stash box... just make it glow orange green whatever it would stand out anyway?

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