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Porting armor set from Skyrim to Morrowind

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To start sorry if this is in the wrong forum and want to clarify I have no intentions to distribute this at all strictly for personal use. Doing another play through of Morrowind after a long time and found a mod for Skyrim adding a set of armor Iâd really like to put in Morrowind or more specifically OpenMW. Started using nifskope these past few weeks still definitely consider myself a beginner but becoming more comfortable with it. In theory I was thinking I could put the textures and meshes for the mod into my Morrowind as long as theyâre not too crazy, open the mod up in nifskope piece by piece, save them as obj files and attach them to a blank Morrowind nif and save them as their own nif files and then implement them as items into the game using those with the creation kit like anything else if that makes any sense. Wondering if this would work or Iâm way oversimplifying it and if not what it might take to do it. Any advice would be super helpful

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