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Adding density to "New Diablo game" mods ?

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Hello, i played 2 "New Diablo game" mods currently (Resurgence and Zamora) there were very nice and i enjoyed them but i wanted to try adding more monster to them so i tried to download mod that add more monster and extracted the mpq to be able to see if it cant wor by changing mobstats.bin and mobstats.txt or level.bin


I tried replacing/changing file name adding them to filelist

I tried using -direct and/ or -txt


It never worked since both mods already have custom mobstats.bin and level.bin which mobs density mods have too so after trying for 8 hours straight to see if i can make it work (it either worked only mod or density never both) i wanted to ask if there is a possibility to do something about that ?


I was thinking as a simple config.ini file having like Density=... (range 1-50) or maybe custom .txt file to add density or i dont know what else i'm noob to modding i just wanted to ask if an expert here think its possible




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They are opened with a excel-like text editor. If the original mod modifies the same file, merging is quite hard. Monster density is done over the level files, so each area just gets more density added in that colum for that monster. So as long the old mod doesn't modify the level files, you can just add it on top, but if they change these files, it won't merge well and you need to manually edit and merge.

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