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Editing Combo Damage

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I'm trying to make the mind blast and dispel combos do a lot more damage. Right now they do 500% weapon damage which is good, but not that good since mages have weak weapons and the spells have no base damage. Just compare to immolate, which also combos for 500% but the spell's damage almost doubles the damage overall.


 I've succeeded in increasing the Lightning bolt paralyze duration to 4 seconds because by the time I'd cast the detonator the effect had already worn off, but I have failed to buff the dispel and mind blast damage potential.


I realize that another way to go about this is to make the mind blast and dispel have innate damage, this is not my preferred option becase I like the idea of having to incapacitate them first, but it could help, unfotunately I also don't know how to do this. I have noticed that Alexius has a mind blast type spell that does damage and knocks back, so this route might be more feasible.


I've been using the frosty editor because I am not familiar with using discord and, as far as I know, that is the way to get daimm. Any help is appreciated.

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