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Some more various mods I'd like to see:


Winterhold interactive rebuilding questline, related to things like Hearthfire systems and that Creation Club farm you can build.


In this questline, you must be the Archmage (having completed the College questline) and be a Thane of Winterhold and not currently part of an opposing faction in a mid-way-through Civil War questline to the current Jarl.


You approach whoever the Jarl is and have a new dialogue option that requires a certain high amount of money that you use to convince them that as Thane and Archmage, you want to contribute to the restoration of Winterhold city. Getting a certain amount far in this quest will stop some Winterhold NPCs from badmouthing the college as much or as badly. You pay for restorations to be done, then go to places to hire people to help with them, likely needing to set up a temporary worker's barracks and a stables first, along with filling them with things like furs and food/drink supplies, before you can go call the workers over. Then you can wait a certain amount of time and they'll clear out some of the remaining ruins and clear some snow drifts and level some extra land. You can then hire members of the college and collect supplies to build various lighting and warming stations in preparation for the next stage. These lighting and warming are supposedly to keep snow drifts from coming back and let the workers keep at things longer and compensate for visibility with the dense dark cloud cover the area often has for the workers to see, and it reduces snow in many spots around the city more lastingly. When you return after this is done, not only are these lighting and heating things built, but some damage to the college's bridge has been repaired, and some of these have been installed in the college as well, with college members who did it inspired by your setup and wanting a bit more comfort at the college, and paid for it themselves after they were done with the city.


Next you start re-building various basic buildings and key facilities in the Winterhold city, adding more houses, businesses, facilities, and such. One of the constructions is a greenhouse of sorts that is partly magically lit and warmed that can help produce more food year round even when the weather is too harsh for travel to get imported food in order for the hold to support a larger population. The quests are a mixture of recruitment missions, paying lump sums to the Jarl or staff from the college or the foreman in charge of the construction projects, contributing specific supplies to various locations, or building certain things yourself. One of the last things added is a new house for yourself as Thane. Some other things added are magically prepared reinforcements that are meant to stabilize the cliffsides and the bridge to the college and the college outcropping, mostly made of stone and dwemer metal escavated from a small dwarven ruin you have to clear out of hostiles nearby that the college helps 'find' the location of, you have to lead some surveys to Labyrinthian and a few Dwarven sites with college mages to prepare for this construction in terms of research, fighting some enemies during those visits before the visitors start examining things. If you also demonstrate a clear-skies shout several times in a mini side-mission, they'll also add a row of devises to the shores and cliffs around the college and city that should prevent another storm the level of the one that caused the great collapse. A set of stairs and ramps can be added that lead down to newly built docks from both the college and the hold. One of the final constructions is new fortifications around the hold, new walls and such, which, once you complete it, the Jarl will commission a statue of a generic archmage character built in your honor (it looks like a heavily bearded old male nord in archmage robes regardless of your race or gender) to be placed in a new town square in a magically maintained fountain that magic keeps lit and from freezing and helps maintain the pumping and purity of the water.


Along the way, various citizens, both old and new, will add various details and extra things as you make certain upgrades they like or they've gotten used to such after another upgrade, and some will give you gifts. The college will also gain some new students and new experts choosing to reside there from various places, some outside of Skyrim, but most new NPCs implied to be from various places of Skyrim, and get expanded to a degree as opinions of it improve due to your work as Archmage to help restore the city. In particular, one of your missions to help improve the college's reputation and help with building everything is to recruit a new expert in enchanting to help out with things from some other region (probably found currently visiting either Solstheim or a major hold), who joins the college to do more than just Sergius can do on his own. You build a rabbit farm for them under the college that also has a building that grows lots of carrots and wheat and cabbage, which is implied to be used to fill small soul gems on the quick, and has re-spawning rabbits (with two in an inaccessible cage visible that you can't kill or reach implied to help restore the population if someone unauthorized uses up too many of them).




A general texture replacer that doesn't change colors, dirtiness, species/breed, patterns, etc. but is still higher rez for pretty much everything. Likely made at least partly via newer AI upscaling methods, but some things may need to be modified individually. It'll all still look like regular special edition skyrim, but pretty much every texture would be replaced-improved, almost as if the regular non-modded textures were from a more distant LOD (in fact, possibly this might include moving those to a newly added LOD level as an optional feature, or perhaps adjusting all lods a step back and more distant and using the old textures as the new closest LOD mode?). This would include basically every texture in the game, although it might be split up into separate sections for download ease purposes and to help people who want to use other mods for certain aspects, like character models.


Special attention would be paid to some things that either don't have many mods made of them, or don't have many mods made of them that don't change them significantly, like the fur textures of furry animals (who often get color and pattern changes in mods that update their textures to the point they look like a different breed/species than the ones found in unmodded Skyrim). Effort would be made to actually make the furry creatures look furry, and the feathered creatures feathery, etc. with the new higher resolutions, but not change the apparent type of fur or fur color or dirtiness or whatnot. Some clearly bugged or missing textures can simply be fixed in the process as well, but effort should be made to remain as true to non-modded textures as possible, while still up-ressing things enough to look better on higher res monitors and systems that can handle more higher res textures.


This would be something of a 'install this first' texture mod that keeps things neutral while others let you build things up to your style.




A SMIM like mod, but rather that entirely avoids altering meshes in ways that change the 'style' of objects, for instance, it won't make lanterns have a pointed hood, or add patterns to frying pans, or remove/alter the style of the indent on the bottom of mugs, or add holes with metal designs in the middle of benches. Fix ropes, chains, and overly flat/angular things that clearly aren't supposed to be that flat/angular, but not really alter the style of things as if a different smith/crafter had made them within Skyrim's lore/world side of things, or changing hawk colors, or changing the number of planks that make up a coffin lid or the types of woods and metals on things or the like, only 'fix' type things, rather than 'new style taking advantage of more polygons' type of things.




A dragon mod that re-does dragon skeletons, animations, and AI, designed to work well with higher res dragon textures, but perhaps not so well with things that made vast changes to dragon behavior or add more dragons or the like. It doesn't add new dragons or shouts, only changes the movements and some of the melee and AI of existing dragons. It would behave a bit closer to something like a combat overhaul mod. It would generally make dragon movements a bit more coherent and smoother, for instance, while on the ground, it would properly adjust their feet and wings so that they are touching the ground on somewhat uneven ground when they should, and not floating as much or sliding as much unintentionally, make a lot of their movements more sinuous and whole-body rather than stiff, minor improvements to how they move their necks when shouting and how they aim shouts, minor improvements and possible minor expansions to their melee movements on the ground (perhaps more noticeable involvement of tail and wings), fixing up their collision meshes or whatnot so that hits and misses properly register. Adjusting how they land when badly damaged or hit with dragonrend or the like so they don't go seeking out distant locations as often and are more likely to land in a place the player can quickly reach if they were put into that mode from a place close to such and facing an appropriate direction (and being less likely to change direction significantly in order to prepare a landing/crash). Adjusting their ragdolling behavior, crash-landing behavior, and skeleton-mode ragdolling behavior and such to be more realistic. Adding some more advanced AI behavior in particular to the combat behavior of Alduin, Paarthurnax, and Durnehviir, and perhaps to a lesser degree, the legendary dragons.




A mod that re-does the skeletons and animations and AI for wolves, dogs, saber cats, bears, horses, mammoths and perhaps some other similar such creatures. Generally making them able to move more like the real animals in question, with much less stiff and segmented movement and limited movement patterns, and does things like make wolves better use wolf-pack tactics, saber-cats use big-cat cat-like stalking and leaping, mammoths work together with each-other and with giants better, getting in each-others' ways less often. Some of this likely might also involve some adjustments to collision for certain creatures, and adjustments to how feet behave with uneven ground and such.




A mod that fixes a lot of fake roofs and ceilings and mountaintops and stuff to have proper collision and navigatable areas, and proper transition points into and out of cities when certain areas are passed through/over without needing an open-cities setup (which might break more other mods) that lets you more easily use things like flying and gliding and jumping and climbing and hookshot type mods without falling through pieces of seemingly present terrain or rooftops or mountainsides or the like.




A mod that adds old lore books from other Elder Scrolls titles to the loot you can find in Apocrypha.




A mod that adds greenhouses to some hearthfire house options and a new house mod or two that allow you to grow plants not native to Skyrim that can't be grown in normal planter spots as long as you have a special gardener hired to care for them and a proper semi-magical greenhouse building created (likely needing some special materials like fire-salts and frost-salts for temperature and humidity control systems and filled soul gems used at certain parts of the process). Would store harvested stuff like the CC farm automatically if you away for a while.




A mod that gets at least vanilla hair and maybe some select modded hairs working properly with vanilla hats/hoods/helmets without needing things like modded wig versions of things. Not sure if this is actually possible in the engine.




A mod that makes races in general, and especially elves look better, with improvements from ESO and it's cinematics looked at in particular for inspiration to re-work things like how elven ears and faces work, rather than whatever weird, overly defined stuff unmodded Skyrim has going on, applied to both new player heads and NPCs and such for the elves.




A mod that lets smaller weight decimals be used/displayed and re-works a lot of the weights of things, although also treats weight as more of an encumbrance value, so large things might have higher than their actual weight, and worn armor would weigh less than carried armor, and includes the use of weight for coins, but perhaps allows you to create an enchanted coin-bag that negates most of the weight of your coins for a single value while you have it equipped (and it doesn't take up a normal slot?).

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