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Skyrim keeps crashing upon staying/eating/drinking at the Winking Skee

skyrim mods winking skeever inn ctd need help need help winking skeever

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I had to do a fresh wipe of mods from Skyrim to start a new character since my old one got screwed pretty badly, but this character, who has just started, is now getting CTDs inside the Winking Skeever when I try to eat, drink, and/or sleep. What's more bizzare is that after I'm done sleeping and I go try to talk to the inn keeper, I am unable to. I am currently running 245 Plugins, which are:
Recongnized by BOSS


And the ones not recognized by BOSS



Any help on the matter would be appreciated. I should also mention that I have no problems running Vanilla Skyrim, and I have made slight tweaks to my .ini and prefs.ini, as well as using HiAlgoBoost. Not sure if any of that matters or not. Thanks in advance!


Edit: Started a new game and it seems to just be crashing in general. Mainly after a good 10-20 minutes of gameplay. Any help on that would be great.

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first of all the bugs depending on eat/drink/sleep are probably related to RND not working correctly,



you should at least clean the main files with tes5edit, especially with that many mods loaded,


cartographers is slightly outdated try atlas instead, installed after skyui and in skyui mcm config deactivate the validation for the map menu swf or it spams an error message after every load when you open the map, also with atlas you don't need mine map markers


the sneak tools are obsolete, they're intergrated in skyre per perktree


follower trap safety is also obsolote, AFT already does that


TOL is obsolete and outdated use only moonlight tales


etc.etc.etc.  you should really read the descriptions of the mods BEFORE you install one, they're usually suggestions in terms of compatibility/compat patches,load order, install order and what features the mod adds

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