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Facing download speed issues

download speed low speed

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For a while I am continuously getting very low speeds (under 40KBps). Can you please help in resolving this issue?

Country: India

Internet Service Provider (ISP): Airtel

Average Download Speed (non-Nexus downloads): 21.4Mbps (download), 27.3Mbps (upload) [Note: it's bits not bytes]

Download tests:

  • Amsterdam: opened and closed a tab [Did not work]
  • Prague: opened and closed a tab [Did not work]
  • LA: opened and closed a tab [Did not work]
  • Chicago: opened and closed a tab [Did not work]
  • Miami: opened and closed a tab [Did not work]
  • Premium CDN: 2.5 MB/s

Download links: 

Traceroute output:

tracert files.nexus-cdn.com

Tracing route to files.nexus-cdn.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1     1 ms     1 ms    <1 ms  www.webgui.Nokiawifi.com []
  2   101 ms   116 ms   143 ms
  3   109 ms   120 ms   113 ms  nsg-corporate- []
  4   184 ms   172 ms   185 ms
  5   210 ms   204 ms   209 ms  airtel-sgp.cdn77.com []
  6   451 ms   467 ms   483 ms  vl1101.prg-sit-cdn77-core-1.cdn77.com []
  7   505 ms   458 ms   471 ms  vl245.prg-ttc2-cdn77-dist-1.cdn77.com []
  8     *      453 ms   471 ms  unn-185-152-65-129.datapacket.com []

Trace complete.




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Sorry to hear you're having issues and thanks for providing the information.


As you have no connectivity to any of our free servers in the test, it's likely to be a problem with your ISP or a routing issue. Those 5 test servers are in completely different locations around the world so a bad connection to all of them implies an issue closer to your end of the connection. 


You may be able to try using a VPN as a workaround? 

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