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Weird visual bug affecting Sanctuary and the area between it and Red Rocket

flickering lod textures missing assets buildings

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So I recently returned to Sanctuary after a long-ish period around Diamond city, and I noticed a pretty annoying visual bug that starts at Red Rocket and continues until about the protagonist's old house in Sanctuary. Basically the roof of the station is missing huge chunks of it's textures, there is missing terrain next to the road, and once you get into Sanctuary itself, the road just disappears until the protagonist's house (though it must physically still be there because my character just floats above the dirt). Not only that but the walls of some of the houses have disappeared (completely in this case. I can walk through where they should be) and when I stand inside what should be the house, a whole lot more disappears from my screen, including all of the nearby terrain and buildings.


The only mods I can think of being the cause of this are ones that affect Sanctuary and settlements more generally. Those being in my case Sim Settlements 2 and it's addons, repairable sanctuary, and higher settlement budget. I have tried disabling each of these and starting a new game, and each time the problem is still there. The only notable change that occurred was when I disabled Repairable Sanctuary and loaded my main save and the bridge was gone, but I expected that. I've reinstalled the game and validated my files and none of it is making any difference. Any suggestions would be welcome. 

I did take screenshots but apparently they're too big to upload. 250kb is a ridiculous size limit.



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Sounds a lot like a previs issue......



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true what heyyou says. do not use mods changing exterior objects without delivering the needed and correct working new previs/precombines!

do also not use scrap mods and try that manually outside the the officially allowed settlement area and the allowed objects. you destroy your game save and your game performance if you ignore that limitation. read this article  and the linked fo4 tutorial and you will understand why. feel free to ask but please read first, especially step 3 and 4 in my essential advices for fo4! it would be also a good idea to consult the author of the mod if you are sure about the source of your problem and to warn other users to better not use this mod.

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