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Create Custom Groupings in Mods Tab

vortex organize mods suggestions

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Hey, DirtyDanny here!


I've been using Vortex for what seems like forever, now..

One thing I always hope for are more ways to group/sort my mods.


I thought it would be a great idea to suggest a way to allow
the user to add custom groupings for mods in the Mods tab.

Tired of scrolling for 30 mods that always need to install first?

Happened to miss one mod you needed to install at the start?


This idea can help with this, and more!

  • Here's how it would work:


Group sets of mods (in an order of choice) for each profile in named brackets.
No more scrolling to find those mods that always need to get installed first.

Sorting by category or name sometimes isn't enough.

This would support the manual ordering of mods.

Below is how it would look.

Ex: Custom Group 1

  • mod "Z" [Gameplay]
  • mod "B" [Bug Fixes]
  • mod "Y" [Patches]

Then it is as easy as clicking on the group name and hitting install, or enable.
(This is not to group mods in deployment, or activation, just simply to organize.)

We should be able to enable/disable the visual groupings in a context menu: globally, individually, and by profile.
Drag the names to re-organize the mods in each bracket, to help with remembering install orders, overwrites, etc.
I think this could help people with hundreds of mods quickly locate and handle all of their mods quickly and easily.

  • Thank you for reading; and please add your comments below!



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Unless I'm mistaken, this is already possible.


Use the "Categories" option on the mods toolbar to add some custom categories.


Make sure the "Category" column is visible by checking the gear icon in the top-right of the table.


Click the "Group" icon next to the column heading.

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