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Throwing Daggers / Axes - Improved Level

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I have a potential mod request, or at the very least possibly help making one (I have zero mod creation knowledge though).

Many years ago honestRope created the "Dagger Toss for All" mod (Link) and gave two options within the download. Either ALL daggers would become throwing daggers, or only a select set they'd modified for a few in each Act.


What I'd love is a way to either add a few more to the list of selected (honestRope hasn't replied to any within the mod thread though so this may not happen), or request someone create a new dagger throwing mod with more potential daggers.

Specifically, if a few could have the option to improve with level-up to eliminate the need to stop throwing until an upgrade is found once any given dagger is out-leveled.

Additionally, and I don't know if this is possible at all, probably not due to texturing, but it would be amazing if dual wield axes could join the throwing weapon arsenal.




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Whoops lol wrong game my bad. GL

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