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Hulda quest and Marriage mod: how should i go about it and tips.

quest marriage scripted encounter help tips

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                                                                                                                                                                      Hulda - Happy ending Concept (inspired by https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/42318/)


Do 3 odd jobs for Hulda. After 3 trigger an extra dialogue option where the dragonborn comments on her saying shy wants to retire since she has a nice thing going on with the Bannered Mare.


Hulda: “Well, as much as I love the and having drunks singing and breaking stuff im getting quite tired of it all, mainly the routine of having to be tending to the inn all day and night.


DB: -Isnt selling inn is a bit extreme?


Hulda: “Maybe so, but im just worn out. All the excitement of running the inn isn't what it used to be, maybe a change of scenery from being cooped up here every day.”


DB: -Want to go hunting on the whiterun planes to clear your mind? There are plenty of deer around.


Hulda: “Hunting, eh? I don't know, Id be a liability more than anything. Go ask Ysolda to cover for me while we are out and about. Maybe she will realize being an inn keeper isn't all that's made out to be and I have time to give you and answer.


DB: -Ill go ask Ysolda.


Quest start: “A true nord woman” (Or whatever other title works)


+Talk to Ysolda


DB: -Can you cover for Hulda while she is out of whiterun?



If “Rare Gift” not completed:


Ysolda: “Yes of course, but first id like you to do me a favor.”


>after this line she automatically starts “Rare Gift” dialogue questline “you are looking to become a merchant?”


If “Rare Gift” completed:


Ysolda: “Yes of course, i'll be right there.”



+Go back to Hulda (Ysolda mans the bar)


DB: -I convinced Ysolda to cover for you.


Hulda: “That's great news, I was looking through some of my old stuff and managed o find my grandfather's bow. I never thought id have a use for it until now. Lead the way.”




+Go behind the companion's hall. (trigger area quest progresion.)


Hulda: “Why are we here, I thought you said we were going hunting?”


DB: -Id like you to practice with the bow first.


Hulda: “Fine, next time warn me before you give me unexpected detours.”


+Let Hulda shoot 4 arrows at the target.


1/4 comment: “This is harder than it looks.”

2/4 comment: “Urg, im starting to lose my patience.”


+Give andvice to Hulda.



-Pull your bowstring all the way back to stun the enemy. (Paralyze )

-Concentrate and envision the enemies vital organs. (Huntsman's Prowess )

-Do whatever comes natural to you. (Silent Moons Enchant )



4/4 comment: “Ah, my nord instincts must be kicking in, anyhow lets stop idling around and hunt us some wild game.”


+Go to designated spot.


Hulda comments after trigger: “Hey I see a big deer over there, don't let it get away.”


+Follow deer.


Change objective after wolf ambush.


+Kill wolfs


Hulda: “I did not expect that, thankfully it wasn't anything... a sabercat!”


+Defend hulda from sabercat.


Hulda: (huffing and puffing)”By the nine I nearly had a heart attack! Yet I feel oddly satisfied and alive! Thank you friend for bringing me out here, it was so refreshing. Id like to give you my grandfather's bow, as much as I liked our little adventure I couldn't out like this on my own so id rather you make good use of it.”


Db: -Keep it, you'll need it for next time.


Hulda: Next time? You mean you want to adventure with ME again?


Hulda: “...”


Hulda: “Ok, ive decided I;ll keep the inn but Ysolda can keep the profits made when she runs the inn. Ysolda gets to play bar keep while I keep my patreons full of mead on my free time and go scratch my adventuring itch with you. Find me at the Bannered Mare when you are ready.


+Quest complete

-Hulda can be a follower.

-Hulda can be married.

-Hulda tends in at night and Ysolda during day. (schedule can be switched by talking to Ysolda.


Optional but if whiterun home how to keep her working in the bar in her allotted bar schedule and taking the kids there and coming home to breezehome. 


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