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I am a faithfull UNP - Bijin Skin user.

Never needed or cared about more complicated enhancements.

Its like with Perk or Spell mods. You just install what you need. Maybe even remove stuff with xEdit.

Never needed fancy Physics and they don't work well with the Engine unless future alternatives replace SMP.


I will address a few issues. I understand most players are Male so their preferences are what they are.

Here are the problems i encounter:


1. Most Quality Clothing - Accesories - Armor mods are Off - Site. Either Patreon or who knows where and impossible to find.

I personally support Mods being available everywhere at the same time. Github - LL - Nexus are the sites i use.


2. Most Quality Clothing - Accesories strictly require a certain Bodyslide. Most of the time 3BA or BHUNP.

I don't use these mods and never will and they aren't the base Bodyslides anyway.

So a Base so we can use the Good Old Method we used with Bodyslide would be the best option.

Anyone can do that. User could just get the Bodyslides from the Body of preferences and run it.


3. Most Quality Clothing - Accesories are delivered complete with Body Mod requirements:

This means there is no Base to convert it and run it through Bodyslide to adjust it for your Body Mod like we used to.


4. Most Quality Clothing - Accesories depend on HDT SMP even without the Main Mesh needing it:

This is the biggest problem not because of the existance of SMP Meshes but because the Non-HDT Base is nowhere available. .see Deserter X Necromancer Robes. Its base is available but also the full HDT version. This is good.

Team TAL used to do that. They just deleted the non-hdt base. Not good.


5. 4K Pieces.

Unnecessary for Armor. If your Armor needs 4K then what are your mountains? 16K? I get it 4K monitors require it. 4K monitors also require a very high end gpu though. Most of us play at maximum 2k or 1080p. There is no visual difference.

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