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Looking for an estimate on skrim FPS and performance

skyrim fps build ultra modded performance

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Hey guys i want to run skyrim on ultra with full Txaa ect ect. and as many HD mods as i can get to work together. i will also be using Project ENB which says it can have a 50% frame rate drop at max. so im looking for an opinion on what you think my build will be able to handle. im hoping for a solid 60-80 fps with all that.


My build.


I7 3770k 3.5 ghz qaud core

Msi Z77A-GD65 Gaming motherboard

G.skill ares 32gb ( 4x8 ) 2400

EVGA gtx 780 3gb acx

Asus VG248QE 144 hz 1 ms 24" monitor


I have other parts but they are just OS, case, sound, and cooling so not entirely relevant.


Price is 2600 if anyone cares.


So to cap this off i have been looking at different benchmarks for the gpu and cpu and they say between 120-200 fps in skyrim but they dont mention mods. so if anyone with a similar build and a highly modded game ( im talking all the bells and whistles ) i would love an estimate on performance.


Thanks !





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Skyrim doesn't support over 60fps. The game-engine uses the fps for internal clock, physics calculations and script activation (script activation slows down when under 40fps, etc.).

Your build is overkill, even my rig can run Skyrim with all mods I could find (Skyrim folder size is 24gb. HD3D+ENB is a little too heavy to run though).

I'm using HD7950 + [email protected],3GHz + 8gb 1600MHz RAM (even 16gb is silly if you don't do video editing).
Cost me around 1200$ with SSD/etc.


And for the actual performance: The game-engine is pretty limited, fps is usually 60 but in certain areas (Markath for example) it drops to 45. No gpu overclocking (900MHz-->1200MHz) or similar helps.

And as an audiophile I hope you got better speakers/headphones than the usual Logitech/Steelseries junk because the video is just part of the experience.


Example about the game-engine limitations: I had around 5 followers (mods) inside the Whiterun bar, when I tried to enter with 3 more followers the game froze every single time. Only after uninstalling most of the follower mods that were inside the bar I was able to enter. And Skyrim can't use more than 3Gb of RAM, I had lots of crashes (while transferring between cells) with some ENB mods because they added too much VRAM usage.

At the moment I am using RCRN Beta 2.0 as it's pretty light on the VRAM and the graphics are good.

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Kalikka is correct.


Skyrim is locked at 60 fps. If you go too far below 60 fps, you get problems with loading and scripts. You can't go over 60 fps unless you disable Skyrim's internal vsync, and that messes up physics a bit, so it's safest to leave it capped at 60.


So, you should maintain 60 fps with a lot of mods, virtually all the time. That said, Skyrim's engine isn't the best. Certain areas in the game are so inefficient they'll drop almost anyone's framerate below 60.


Remember not to tax your RAM and VRAM. If Skyrim exceeds 3.2GB of VRAM or RAM use, it will crash.


That PC is epic, and should run Skyrim easily (except for the areas I mentioned where Skyrim's engine just becomes inefficient). However, your RAM is complete overkill. No game can even use more than 8GB (Skyrim can only use 3.2GB), and even 16GB is not needed for gaming, let alone 32GB. If you run virtual machines or something, then I can see how more RAM would be helpful.



Finally, I don't recommend using multisample antialiasing for Skyrim. It's a tiny bit of work, but set up supersampling in your Nvidia drivers instead. You'll get higher quality and you'll dodge Skyrim's occasional problems with MSAA (like invisible trolls and white outlines).




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Ok thanks everybody.

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