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DA Toolset Morphing Problems

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So normally I can troubleshoot things on my own when building stuff but I cannot for the life of me think of a single logical explanation for this phenomena I'm having.


I'm attempting to rig up the DA toolset to enable it to create DA2 morphs (!!). And I've been pretty successful so far. Most targets are working but specific ones are being problematic. 


DA2 for instance has 9 unique head shapes for human males - Alistair, Anders, Carver, Cullen, Iconic Male, Nathaniel, Sebastian, Teagan and the Viscount. However - Alistair, Nathaniel, Sebastian and Teagan are giving problems. They are set up exactly like the other four, they were created exactly like the other four. I've determined that the meshes themselves all possess the same number of vertices in the correct places. I've swapped out meshes and names to make sure it wasn't a name problem or a problem I created in the toolset settings. This toolset simply (seemingly) does not like where these four have the vertices and refuses to load the targets for the face (eyes, lashes and scalp will morph correctly). 


This is going to be a long shot but does anyone have any idea why this could be occurring? I have even taken one of the working meshes, applied a morpher so it morphed into the broken on, exported it out and STILL doesn't work. 

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