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Steam Morrowind on Linux - MGE XE

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I've always loved Linux and open source. I recently found Morrowind on Steam and hacked it out. I just found a few steps. Some was done by others. I will try to link to source material where possible. This is just the method for making this mod work which opens the door to many other mods.


In my case Ubuntu 20.04 Focal


To install Morrowind you need to enable the compatibility mode in Steam. Then it's just as easy as point and click.

To get the MGE XE working. This was hacked out by many at the Wine bug whackers - https://bugs.winehq....ug.cgi?id=47940


Installing the Morrowind Code Patch is easy. Move the exe and the mcpatch folders to your Morrowind folder and just run

wine "$MORROWINDFOLDER"/Morrowind\ Code\ Patch.exe

Simple steps are found at this location - https://www.reddit.c...wine_or_proton/


Up to step 8 is self explanatory. However running the MGE XE installer is another beast. I didn't find that specific part covered and like anything if 1 part doesn't work, none of it does.


You will need Wine installed on the host as well as the wine mono package. Download for your Wine version. In my case I'm using the WineHQ stable 7.0.0 - https://dl.winehq.org/wine/wine-mono/


Move the downloaded .msi file into your /home/"$USER"/.wine/drive_c directory. Then from a terminal.


Select install a program, then cancel out. That will give you more options on the winetricks menu. Browse to your .msi download and run it. That will install it to your .wine prefix.


Symlink your Morrowind folder into your .wine folder


ln -s /home/"$USER"/.steam/debian-installation/steamapps/common/Morrowind/ /home/"$USER"/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/
At this point you can run and install the MGE XE. Since Morrowind is symlinked into the Wine directory the installer sees it as part of the local .wine installation. Pick your installation directory as linked above.
wine /home/"$USER"/Downloads/MGEXE.exe


That is the total setup for anyone interested.


I did not find the tweaks after Step 9 necessary. YMMV.


Not sure if this helps or anyone is interested but it may help you not go through the hair pulling. I see no reason to buy a new computer because Microsoft demands that I do.



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