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How Does One Unbind Hotkeys?

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Hello there,


I've been searching for a while now but I can't seem to find any answers/solutions, I seem to remember that holding "R" can reset some hotkeys to their defaults, though I think that's only for mods in the MCM.

I'm looking for a way to unbind vanilla hotkeys, such as quick magic, and quick inventory, two options that are already available in the tween menu; by all accounts, the tween menu is simply a radial menu, and when I place options into a radial menu, I do it to free up my other keys, so I can't for the life of me understand why Bethesda would put quick magic/inventory into a radial menu, but also keep their regular keys as well; it wouldn't be so bad if I could unbind them, but Bethesda seemed to also think that making a keybind mandatory was also a good idea, they seem to have a lot of those...


Truth be told, I have a lot of mods that require hotkeys, and very few keys to spare, so if I can remove the hotkeys that just don't see any use, then I can spare them for more important functions.


Is there a mod I can download to do this? Or perhaps a config file I'm not seeing?



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You may have to extract it from one of the BSA files that came with the game (not sure which one):

Interface > Controls > PC > controlmap.txt


If you do not want to dig the file out of the BSA yourself, you can always use a modded variant.  Perhaps the following may already take care of some of what you want: https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/44160


If you have changed keybinds in the in-game menu, you may need to delete the Controlmap_Custom.txt file found in the game's main directory before changes made in the controlmap.txt file will take effect.  You can re-do any keybind changes in the in-game menu after ensuring your changes to controlmap.txt take effect.

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