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Mod Resquest : Change the game speed in multiplayer

multiplayer speed anno1800

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Hi, I am new on this forum.


I was playing anno since I was 5 years old with anno 1503 and I still enjoying it so much.


A friend of mine was interested in Anno 1800 and we started a multiplayer sandbox game and we had an idea :


In solo game, you can interract with the game speed easily by pressing the key binding in "speed the game" or "slow the game"

By pressing the key, the game respond with a sound and the game speed/slow

Speed is very useful to get ressources to developp your city or do a long travel to an other island or an other map (from the Old World to the New World for example)


Unfortunately in multiplayer this function is not working (I this it was difficult to manage with other players)

By pressing the key, the game respond only with a sound but no effect.


My suggestion is, makin a kind of speed manager in the multiplayer game.

The game can only be sped up or back to the normal speed.


To speed the game : If one player would like to speed the game, by pressing the button binded to "speed the game" a popup appears to all other players and invites them to press the button too.

If every players pressed the button, the game speeds up.


To return to normal speed : If one player wants to go back to normal speed, by pressing the button binded to "slow the game" a popup appears to warn other players than the game speed returned to normal.

If only one player needs to return to normal speed, the other players are constrained in normal speed.

The reason is if you need to manage a fire destroying your city or a disease, you need to react fast and the other players's agreement is not required.



This mod would have to restrictions of "number of time a player can slow the game" or something like that because people playing together usually are good friends.



Please tell me what do you think about this concept.




Have a nice day




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i love angry birds dont you?

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