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No more sleeping in free beds?

sleep sleeping inn

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Ever since we got AE and the patch to the SSE, I have noticed that I can no longer sleep in free beds. E.g. previously I was able to sleep in Alvor's house in Riverwood if I escaped with Hadvar or I could sleep at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun after chopping some wood to Hulda. Ever since the patch when I try to sleep in these beds, the game just tells me "You can't sleep at an owned bed" even though the text does not say "Bed (Owned)." If I actually buy the room from Hulda, I can sleep normally.

Is this a a common bug or is it just my game?

My mods are the same as before so I don't think any of the mods are the reason.

Also I don't have AE installed, I simply have SSE.

Some beds clearly say "Bed (owned)" and naturally you can't sleep in those but the beds mentioned earlier doesn't. I can't even sleep in Faendal's bed even though I'm his friend.


This issue doesn't affect all the beds though. E.g. I can still sleep in faction HQs, I can sleep at Anise's Cabin if I kill Anise and i can sleep at Haelgas bunkhouse normally.


I know it's not a big deal but just weird one.

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