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Radium Rifle Remodel

weapons remodel

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Someone should completely overhaul the model of the Radium Rifle. The Radium Rifle should be modeled on the Thompson, the M16/Service Rifle, or some other commonly used weapon by Americans from WWII-Vietnam War. It should have the wiring and other hardware attached to it to make it look rigged up. If I made the mod, the vanilla model would be a unique legendary weapon that Nate/Nora earns for completing a quest or by combat with a tough enemy who is using it. It would a Unique Unique. I would prefer that the dish be removed because it looks silly and it would make the sights useless.


Explanation: I have recently been looking at weapons, and lore friendliness increases the pleasure I receive. After doing some research, I found that many weapons in the game are modeled on specific real weapons. The vanilla game model of the Radium Rifle is based on the Volksturmgewehr which was used extensively by German forces during WWII, but how did the Children of Atom get a hold of so many?! That's why the Radium Rifle should be modeled on a gun that Americans had extensive access to pre-war.

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