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Morag Tong's current reputation in Morrowind

morag tong current reputation in morrowind dark elf dunmer dragonborn

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OK, first of all, I didn't play Morrowind.  I just read the wiki.  However, based on what I can see, the Morag Tong is a legal and respected organization in Morrowind.  However, during the Served Cold quest, Adril Arano calls them "fetchers" and demand that they be "brought to justice".  I was under the impression that the Morag Tong were usually the ones to carry out justice (through silent execution).  Did the incident surrounding the Red Mountain eruption and the un-apotheosis of the Almsivi Tribunal change the Dunmer's outlook on the Morag Tong?



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Hourse Redoran has never really liked the Morag Tong. Redoran believes in the maintenance of tradition, and honourable confrontation, so much, in fact, that prior to the Red Year they had almost wasted away to nothing in light of Hlaalu's less than honest approach to house politics.


Under Redoran's rule (as they are now the most prominent house on the Great Council - Yay!- ) it can be assumed that the Morag Tong is received in a less favorable light. Their status as the 'official' assassination medium for House Warfare ensures that Redoran would not order them disbanded, but they are almost certainly viewed as the cowards way out.


Of course, there is no information during the Served Cold quest that the Morag Tong assassins have a writ of execution. If this is the case, it is likely a repeat of the earlier Hlaalu attempt to assassinate the Councillor of Raven Rock, thus allowing for the disgraced Hlaalu to take over. Because of Hlaalu's current status (as a minor house) it could be that they are not afforded the same rights to the Morag Tong as the Great Houses, meaning that the Woodcutter's Guild is violating its own tenants.



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Or they could be rogue members of the Morag Tong. The conspirators would have had some pull with certain members of the house anyway, so its conceivable they would be able to request aid from factions in the house that have a bone to pick with House Redoran.


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