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Elegos Closed Alpha - Testers Required

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Please note that this is an ALPHA... not beta of the game being developed.

I saw this game on Steam back in April and requested a key. I played around with it for approximately 20-30 minutes and decided it still needed a bit more work before continuing with any testing on my part. No spoilers. I don't won't to prejudice anyone' s opinion. What I found lacking at that time may well have been changed,  as I'd planned to revisit this one in a couple months. Maybe time to re-install it and have a look.

All I can say at this point is that they have a nice concept going on, how they implement it will be what makes or breaks it.




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Cheating only occurs when there's competition. When one side has an advantage that the other side does not. If this were a game with adversarial gameplay between players, then there would be a problem.

Other than that the only person you're in competition with is yourself. Because of this you decide what is cheating for yourself when playing against yourself.




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It is nice to be able to see yourself, even if I rarely use such a feature. Playing Skyrim VR did make me realize how often I went third person just to gaze at my dragonborn on top of various high places...

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