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Tel Meskoa and Tel Matouigius 1.39 ALPHA/PREVIEW

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working on the 1.4 update for Tel Meskoa and Tel Matouigius and decided to release an early alpha/preview version since the new quests are more script heavy than the old stuff. and in case some people are interested in testing it i can make adjustments right away. maybe some quests break if approached by someone that didn't make the quest. and i'm sure i didn't test every scenario =D


which means this is not intended to be used in your active load order, only temporarily to have a look at the new stuff or do some testing.




Installation info


this currently is an addon esp and requires version 1.3 or higher to be installed. MGE grass for aesthesia-grass included.

[email protected]





the new main quest line you get from "Nendrii Velar" where you arrive with the teleport shrine. which, sorry, requires you to join the guild. but has no rank requirements. at this point there are very few side quests.


some quest items are on the ground for convenience. if you intend to test to provide feedback it's recommended to ignore those for the first time. most quest items are added to the world with scripts or dialog. (hint to not waste your time, the soul gem quest provides soul gems at the place where needed)


in front of the renegade telvanni tower are two barrels with the new weapons and armor (see newstuff.jpg bellow). a lot of the weapons are remakes of guild wars weapons, and if you would say those are not lore friendly, i get it but i don't care xP


all new stuff and quests are on the new land and quest rewards are not there yet except for gold.


none of the exterior cells are 100% complete yet and all are missing vertex painting.




things i'm not sure yet


haven't decided yet how to distribute the new gear, through quests or to be found in the world or a mix. well, currently it's a mix. getting an item as quest reward is great, but exploring a dungeon with or without quest and finding an item is also great. or have an item be used against you in combat on a quest or without quest and then get said item is great too...


also not sure yet but i tend towards not altering the old islands and only add new stuff to the new land, which i'm not sure yet i will extend more or not. even though the city is pretty underused and including the other islands as well would not be the stupidest idea, but i don't think i will. the city maybe in some way...


glass weapons are nice, but obsolete at some point especially if you find daedric weapons. since on the new corrupted land are purple crystals i thought of having a NPC/crafting table to upgrade glass weapons to corrupted glass weapons. which would become purple and have the same stats as daedric weapons.


new weapons as artifacts and without enchantments. i think i want to have all new weapons/armor without enchantments so they can be enchanted with whatever. but having artifacts like the ones in morrowind would be great. but balancing is hard... if you had a look at the new weapons and have an idea for artifact enchantments i'm all ears.





i mod for the joy of modding and if you decide to test my modding ramblings i thank you in advance. i'll read every feedback and are happy to adapt ideas i like. but in the end it just comes down to this "what ever, i do what i want!" (=

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