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Creating DLC sized mod. Need some help with LOD.

lod expansion dlc huge mod help

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Hey guys, I have a pretty big project in progress.  I need help with distant land, LOD, as well a few other things that are less pressing.


** My mod is going to be called Ravenloft, and is a near replica of the Adventures of Castle Ravenloft D&D adventure.  There will be mostly just a main quest line that is not too complicated or long.  After defeating the main "villain" you will be able to use his massive castle as a player home.  I do not plan to take donations or payment for this, so hopefully it is legal to publish such a mod.  If it is not, someone please let me know before I spend a lot more time on this.  I do realize the immense project I have on my hands, and I have no one to help me with it yet, but I am ready to put in the time and effort to finish it. **


So, my problem is that when I jump in-game everything works great except I can't see much further than about 3 cells away.  Land, objects, everything just fades to that blank grey space you see in the CK without lights or sky on.  If anyone can inform me what to do to generate the distant land and objects, etc. or where to find out how to do so, please let me know.  Feel free to ask any questions about the project and my plans for it.


I am quite experienced with level designing and navmeshing but have never made a quest, script, or dialogue before, or done anything fancy with scenes or events.  Also, I could avoid creating new dialogue and still have everything work the way I want, but if I could get new voiced dialogue included it would make it much better.  If anyone has suggestions on the best place to learn these things or if they want to help just let me know.  I am looking for experienced modders who are serious about contributing.


Included below is a link to an imgur album of screens of the village of Barovia.  It is overrun by draugr when the player arrives, so that is why there are draugr in some pics.  The village is nearly done, so hopefully you can see that I am serious about this project.



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