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I want to own and operate Cidhna mine.

prison whatever515

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I had a dream, I dreamed of finding a cave entrance somewhere on the borders of Cyrodiil. That entrance then opened up to an uncharted valley that hid a privately owned penal colony. On that valley hundreds of former bandits, necromancers, mythic dawn cultist, adoring fan and other jerks farmed the fields and mined the ores earning untold riches for the Champion of Cyrodiil. But alas I lacked the skill, endurance and talent, and most of all, I lacked the time to make that dream a reality.


I know what I described would be very difficult, just coding for a couple of dozen prisoners was hard to do in my oblivion mod profitable justice, and I ended up just making them constantly sleep. So being a reasonable person I wanted something smaller so a facsimile of Cidhna mine fit the bill. Add an observation deck, maybe some cleaning so you can see all the prisoners work. Is this even possible or am I still dreaming?

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