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weird cutscene delay's

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idk what's going on with my game it's mostly fine except for the prologue and sera's acquisition, the audio is there but then the characters don't move, and nothing is synched when it happens 


here's my mod list that I suspect could be the issue 



      (I'm only using frosty. I don't think it's any hair or face mods because i never had issues with them)


  1. morning dew & spring in thedas by caffeine painter 
  2. dialogue overhaul by kingslayvr
  3. party banter tweaks by artofeel
  4. house of frosty frosty conversions (ehayden's sera outfit retexture)
  5. frosty ports by sloovy (exquisition,ellise's face textures, fuse00's sera complexion)
  6. complete war table operations without waiting by perrob
  7. conversation camera zoom for frosty by svartalfimposter





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It's likely one of your texture mods, and my first bet would be the Sera outfit retexture. Certain textures when modded by Frosty can cause cutscene timing issues (in my experience).


You can use the appropriate files from this mod: https://www.nexusmod...ition/mods/3439, if it is indeed the Sera outfit retexture.


If it's not the Sera outfit texture, and you are able to narrow it down to another retexture, and that retexture is NOT one of the ones Padme has covered in their mod, load the offending retexture through the DAI Mod Manager instead of Frosty (tutorial on using the two together: https://forums.nexus...-it-possible/).

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